Mission Togo Africatogo

"For the Love of Africa and its People"

Mission: To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Togo and to the future pastors of French speaking Africa and their families.


Togo Mission Purpose

Valerie's Togo mission will serve the Lord in various ways, including:

· teaching English to high school students, Lutheran pastors, and seminary faculty and students.

· working with youth on the national church level and in the local church and in the community.

· working with the wives of the children of seminary students.

· serving the needs of the Theological Center Library.

Additional Mission Possibilites

· providing assistance in addressing literacy needs.

· helping identify income generation projects.

· making donors aware of the needs for motorcycles and computer for pastors, church leaders and other church workers.

· keeping the Togo Lutheran Mission board aware of other mission needs for the ELT and CLET.

Our Missionary: Valerie Stonebreakervalerie-stonebreaker

Valerie Stonebreaker first became interested in missions while teaching at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Elementary School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Along with her students, she supported the work of Lutheran Bible Translators through prayer and chapel offerings.


After changing careers and moving to Turlock, California, where she joined Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Valerie once again felt the call to missions. In December 1997, she became a Volunteer Missionary with LCMS World Mission in Dapaong.


Valerie served as teacher for the children of three career missionary families through June 2001. From September 2001 through June 2009, Valerie served as an LCMS World Mission volunteer missionary, working with the Lutheran Church of Togo (l'Eglise Lutherienne du Togo, L'ELT) and the Lutheran Theological Center (CLET).


Her various service opportunities included teaching English in the local high school as well as at the Theological Center, working with the youth in the Dapaong Lutheran Parish, teaching English to children in a local orphanage school, working with Lutheran Church leaders in translation needs, and continuing to build and strengthen relationships with many young people with whom she worked. From time to time, she helped fill needs in teaching new missionary kids.


In June 2009, LCMS World Mission withdrew its missionary presence from Togo, and Valerie could no longer serve with LCMS there. Desiring to remain in Togo, she took a teaching position at an international school in the capital city of Lome, where she taught an English preschool class in a predominately French School.


Now returning to Togo as a Lutheran missionary called by the Lutheran Church of Togo, Valerie will work with the Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Theological Center. She will serve the Lord and the Lutheran Church of Togo in various ways, including teaching English, working with Lutheran youth, working with the wives and children of seminary students, and serving in the Theological Center Library.

Support Valerie's Mission

"By this all men will know you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:35

Valerie must raise full support for herself and her work for the Lord in Togo. She will be called to serve by the Lutheran Church of Togo (l'Eglise Lutherienne du Togo l'ELT) and will be sent to Togo through Mountain Movers, International, a missionary sending organization in Texas. The Togo Lutheran Mission Board of Turlock, CA. will provide the ultimate oversight of Valerie and other mission opportunities in Togo.


PRAY: Please pray that Valerie would have wisdom and strength to continue in missionary service with the Lutheran Church of Togo for many years. May the Lord open her heart to see and to listen to those with whom she serves; may He give her discernment and guidance to do His will. Pray that she would continually seek to know the Lord, and allow His light to shine through her.


GIVE: To support Valerie and her work in Togo you may make donations to Valerie Stonebreaker shall now be made payable to Togo Lutheran Mission and mailed as follows:

Togo Lutheran Mission, 640 Minaret Avenue, Turlock, CA 95380


Updates & Newsletters from Valerie

Updates & Newsletters from Valerie

Please check this page periodically for continued updates on Valerie and her work. Also, please continue to pray for God's grace and guidance as Valerie serves the Lutheran Church of Togo.


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Friday, 17 June 2011: Valerie safely arrived in Dapaong, Togo and began her mission work.

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